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Recent Submitted Macros

Enhancement Shaman Single Target Multi Macro

If you play an Enhancement Shaman, this macro can basically be your whole DPS rotation when you are fighting bosses. It’s a spam-button that will drop your Searing Totem, will cast Stormstrike, Lava Lash and Unleash Elements when they become… read more

Monk Brewmaster AoE Tanking Macro

This is a macro that allows you to keep up a nice AoE threat management, while also dealing decent damage, and resulting into a more laidback tanking. The macro will cast Spinning Crane Kick, Keg Smash, Guard, Blackout Kick and Elusive… read more

Pickpocket Macro

Although this is a macro intended to be used by a Rogue, since Rogues are the only class in World of Warcraft that have a Pickpocket ability, it’s an emote macro, so you can basically use it with any class.… read more

Warrior Spell Reflection Macro

This macro allows you to quickly equip a shield and a 1-h weapon, to be able to cast your Spell Reflection. You must hit this macro 2 times to equip the weapons and to cast Spell Reflection.

Macro code:
/equipslot… read more

Warlock Fear Macro

This is a very useful macro, especially for PvP, because it allows you to keep your Fear up on a target much better, keeping it out of combat more effectively.

Once you have put your macro on your quick bar,… read more

Shaman Fire Totems Macro

This Shaman macro helps you manage your Fire Totems better, putting them all under the same button with a modifier. By hitting the macro normally you will summon your Magma Totem, by holding down ALT as you press the macro… read more

Warrior Damage Burst Macro

This is an Arms Warrior damage burst button that will trigger some of your damage boosting cooldowns simultaneously. You simply hit this macro and you will cast Recklessness, Berserker Rage, Bloodbath, SkullBanner and also use your trinket equipped in your… read more