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Recent Submitted Macros

Rogue Pickpocket Macro

After reading the title of this post, I’m sure you’re probably wondering “Why would I need a Pickpocket macro, because you just put it in your bar and use it?!”. Well, simply because once you use Pickpocket on a mob,… read more

Warrior Arms Single Target DPS Macro

If you play an Arms Warrior, the following macro can basically replace all your main combat abilities, as it contains them all. It’s a simple Sequencer macro meant for mashing, and using for single target fighting. It will begin by… read more

Destruction Warlock 1-Button DPS Macro

Chaos Bolt, Incinerate, Conflagrate, Immolate and Shadowburn are the main damaging spells of a Destruction Lock. This DPS macro puts them all in one button. However, as you can see, there are two modifiers. So, when you need to cast… read more

Combat Rogue Shadow Reflection Burst Macro

This a great macro to use as Combat Rogue, to basically double up some of your CDs, for a high damage burst. As you can see, it’s a sequence that begins by popping up your Shadow Reflection, then, uses Marked… read more

Rogue Mutilate Combo Points Builder – Burner Macros

The following two macros for Rogue actually kinda go together. Of course, you can use them independently if you want, but having these two on your 1 and 2 keys, will simplify and improve your combat as an Assassination Rogue… read more

Retribution Paladin AoE Macro

The following macro is ideal for AoE farming or taking down trash mobs in instances. It will provide you with a mashing button that will sequence through the Paladin’s AoE abilities available on Retribution spec, such as Hammer of the… read more

Resto Druid “HoTs for Tank” Macro

Having a healing macro exclusively for your tank, when in a dungeon group, simplifies your job as a healer by a lot. The following “HoTs” macro, is meant to be used on a focused target (in other words, your tank).… read more