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Recent Submitted Macros

Marksmanship Hunter Single Target Button

If you’re looking for a Gnome macro for single target for your MM Hunter, this is it. Works basically just like the previous BM Single Target Macro, but evidently for the Marksmanship spec. It’s a spam button that calls your… read more

Pally One-Button Tanking Macro

Out of all the tanking sequence macros, the one for Paladin described below, is my favorite. That’s because it works so great, and literally turns your tanking into a one button play. Apart from your main tanking CDs which you… read more

Fury Warrior One-Button Single Target Macro

This macro works mostly like any other macros for GnomeSequencer. It gives you a button to mash, which calls your most used combat abilities in your rotation as a Fury Warrior. Since it focuses mainly on abilities such as Bloodthirst,… read more

Fury AoE Simple Gnome Macro

This is not exactly the best macro to use if you want to put up a high AoE DPS. However, it works just fine if you’re grinding on normal mobs, or even in dungeons, when working on trash. It’s a… read more

Shammy Quick Focus Heal Macro

This macro works in a similar way to the HOTs macro for Druids. It’s button that will allow you to quickly cast your instant heals on your tank (or on a target that you focus), quickly following with a Healing… read more

Shadow Priest Single Target DPS Macro

This is a 1-button macro for Shadow Priest damaging spells rotation, meant to simplify your whole gameplay by as much as possible. It will apply your DoTs on the target, and also cast Mind Flay, Mind Blast and Shadow Word:… read more

Guardian Druid AoE Tanking Macro

The following macro is meant to simplify your tanking as a Guardian Druid. It puts in a sequence all your main active AoE abilities, necessary for building and maintaining threat, and also Wild Charge as opener, and Frenzied Regeneration.  … read more