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Recent Submitted Macros

BM Hunter Spirit Mend Macro

If you play a BM Hunter and use a Spirit Beast pet, you would probably want to be able to cast the Spirit Mend ability, on the pet and on yourself, without selecting either you or the pet. The following… read more

Fire Mage AoE GS Macro

The Fire spec is much better to play vs. single targets. However, it also has its share of AOE abilities, and can of course be played vs. multiple enemies. The following GS macro, even though it’s not exactly the most… read more

Succubus Seduction Focus Button

Crowd control is one of the cards that Warlocks must play well in arena, and PvP in general. But in order to maximize the power of your CC, and not waste even a second, it’s a good idea to use… read more

Mage PyroProcs Macro for GnomeSequencer

If you play a Fire Mage, I’m pretty sure you’re aware that generating / using Pyroblast procs is of the essence to put up a good DPS. To get your Pyroblast to proc and be able to use instantly, the… read more

Demo Lock Pet Burst Button – No Addon Required

The Demo spec allows you to do several tricks when it comes to playing your pets. For example, when playing arena, by summoning and sending all your pets on a healer for example, you can create quite some harassment, preventing… read more

Hunter Survival AoE Macro

Here’s a macro for Survival Hunter that will allow you to keep all your DoTs on the main target, and use Multi-Shot and Barrage as main AoE damage dealing spells. The macro pretty much works as any other GS macros,… read more

Quick DoTs Demo-Lock Macro

With the Demonology specialization, you basically have only one anytime damage over time effect, and that is Corruption. In Metamorphosis form, Corruption becomes Doom. Your target can have both Corruption and Doom on it at the same time. But to… read more