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Recent Submitted Macros

Protection Warrior Multi Macro

This is a 1-button spam macro for tanking. It pretty much works just like any other macro of this sort. By spamming this macro, your Protection Warrior will use Thunder Clap, Commanding Shout, Berserker Rage, Revenge, Shield Slam etc, when… read more

Beast Mastery AoE Hunter Multi Macro

This is a 1-button macro for AoE, best to use in instances, to simplify your rotation. It allows you to manage your focus well, with your Glaive Toss, Multi-Shot, Cobra Shot, and Kill Command, while also allowing you to maintain… read more

Whisper Message Macro

This is a very useful macro if you want to address to a player directly, via whisper message, to ask them something, give them an answer etc. However it works only you have the particular player selected. So, basically, to… read more

Arathi Basin Tactics Macros

In Arathi Basin is very important that every group knows precisely which base to attack, before the battle begins. This is a bg broadcast macro that covers the general tactics for the intro battle in Arathi Basin, assigning each group… read more

Retribution Paladin Single Target Multi Macro

This is an excellent macro to use as your rotation when fighting bosses, or of course, single mobs or other players. It’s a macro that gives you a spam-button that will trigger Crusader Strike, Judgment, Exorcism, Templar’s Verdict and Hammer… read more

A Few Funny ASCII “Art” Macros

ASCII art macros have always been fun to yell in raids, parties or general chat. They’re not that easy to write, but here are a few, ready-made for you: A Few Funny ASCII “Art” Macros: Here are a few common… read more

Warrior Rage Builder Macro – Mortal Strike / Overpower

*Submitted by Chris Sanchez* This is a simple macro that will allow you to use Overpower and Mortal Strike in a “spam-button” manner. The macro simply casts Overpower when it becomes available, and Mortal Strike when it’s not on cooldown.… read more