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Recent Submitted Macros

Ashran AA Destroyer Macro For Melee Class

If you’ve been playing Ashran, you probably know that the Ancient Artifact (AA) is a buff that can really turn the tables in battle. The Ancient Artifact grants a player 200% damage and 25% HP, turning them into quite a… read more

Shadow Priest CoP Single Target Macro

Clarity of Power adds 40% damage to Mind Blast, Mind Spike and Shadow Word: Death, if the target is not affected by Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch. It also makes Mind Blast instant, therefore offering the chance to play… read more

Affliction Lock Gnome Rotation Macro

In general, it’s rather difficult to create a solid rotation macro for any class, a macro that will help you put a top DPS in raids, that also involves all your main spells. But if you play an Affliction Warlock,… read more

SP PVP Gnome Macro

Although extensive macros, especially the ones containing multiple sequences, can actually restrict your gameplay flexibility in arena, you can still use them if you like. Therefore, if you play a Shadow Priest, here’s a macro that focuses Mind Blast and… read more

Arcane Charge Builder-Dumper

GnomeMacros, or extensive macros in general apply easily, and pretty well to the Arcane Mage spec. That’s because the spells are pretty much straightforward, and don’t have many requirements. Therefore here’s a ToolKit macro for Arcane, that will help you… read more

Muti-Rogue One Button DPS

This is a single target macro for Mutilate Rogues. Although it’s not highly optimized, and it won’t help you put maximum DPS in raids, or achieve a super burst in PvP, it still is a fun macro to use while… read more

Blood DK Gnome Macro

This is a one-button macro for tanking, for Blood spec Death Knight. It focuses on Death Strikes and Death Coils, also using Blood Tap for extra runes. It’s not a completely optimized macro, so you won’t achieve maximum damage /… read more
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