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Recent Submitted Macros

Hunter Survival Single Target Button

The following Survival GS macro will help you keep up your DoTs on the target at all time, allowing your to put up a rather optimized rotation. It will cast Black Arrow, A Murder of Crows, Explosive Shot and Arcane… read more

Combat Rogue Rotation GS Macro

Even though it’s pretty much difficult to create a Rogue macro for any spec to perfectly perform a complete and continuous rotation, the following one for Combat, is actually not bad. The Combat macro will help you keep up Recuperate… read more

GS Arms AoE Macro – 6.1

Making GnomeSequencer macros for Warriors isn’t exactly difficult. You basically throw all the abilities together in the macro, and it pretty much works. Here’s an AoE macro for Arms Warriors. Even though it’s specified for 6.1, it pretty much worked… read more

Holy Priest Focus Heal Simple Macro

The following macro was made to be used by a Holy Priest beginning with a low level. You can actually begin using it beginning with level 46, as you get Prayer of Healing. As the title specifies, it’s a simple… read more

Unholy DK DPS Macro For GnomeSequencer

Even though Death Knights have a more difficult play mechanic compared with other WoW classes, the macros for them, especially the ones for GS are relatively easy to make. You just throw in your main abilities there and it should… read more

Holy Paladin Heal Macro With Judgment and Denounce

The following heal macro for Paladins is intended single target healing, but will also use Judgment and Denounce on the target of your target. It’s a pretty much okay Holy macro for healing heroics. Macro code: Sequences['HolyPally1'] = { PreMacro… read more

Discipline Priest Single Target Heal Button

This healing and shielding button works beginning with a low level. It’s a simple spam macro that will apply Power Word: Shield on your target, and then use Penance, Prayer of Healing and Flash Heal to heal. It will cycle… read more