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Recent Submitted Macros

Holy Paladin Heal Macro With Judgment and Denounce

The following heal macro for Paladins is intended single target healing, but will also use Judgment and Denounce on the target of your target. It’s a pretty much okay Holy macro for healing heroics. Macro code: Sequences['HolyPally1'] = { PreMacro… read more

Discipline Priest Single Target Heal Button

This healing and shielding button works beginning with a low level. It’s a simple spam macro that will apply Power Word: Shield on your target, and then use Penance, Prayer of Healing and Flash Heal to heal. It will cycle… read more

Boomkin Moonfire Sunfire Dual Macros – No Addon Needed

Playing a Boomkin and using macros for Solar and Lunar spells simplifies things by a lot. That’s because you get to actually categorize your moon and sun spells under separate buttons. However, many use elaborate and long macros for these… read more

Boomkin One Button for GS

It’s kind of difficult to write a classic macro that actually works properly for both Solar and Lunar spells. However GnomeSequencer greases things a bit, and a one button Boomkin macro becomes possible. The following Boomkin spam-button does the following:… read more

Rogue Death from Above Burst Button

Especially when it comes to PvP, achieving a high damage burst in a very short amount of time, should be any Rogue’s specialty. That’s why Marked for Death, which allows you to instantly apply 5 Combo Points (CP) on your… read more

Mistweaver Monk Simple Healing Macro

Due to the fact the the Monk’s mechanics, especially on the Mistweaver spec, are quite a bit different from the ones of other healing classes in WoW, it’s a bit difficult to make 1-button, all-purpose macros. However, you can still… read more

Hunter Stopcasting Macros

Especially if you play PvP with your Hunter, stopcasting macros at least for the most important combat abilities are indispensable. That’s because abilities such as Aimed Shot, Cobra Shot or Steady Shot are castable while moving, and when you begin… read more