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Recent Submitted Macros

Muti-Rogue One Button DPS

This is a single target macro for Mutilate Rogues. Although it’s not highly optimized, and it won’t help you put maximum DPS in raids, or achieve a super burst in PvP, it still is a fun macro to use while… read more

Blood DK Gnome Macro

This is a one-button macro for tanking, for Blood spec Death Knight. It focuses on Death Strikes and Death Coils, also using Blood Tap for extra runes. It’s not a completely optimized macro, so you won’t achieve maximum damage /… read more

Feral Druid Burst Opener

This macro for Feral Druids is intended for PvP use, as a high damage burst opener, great to quickly take down one of the opponents in arena, or in BGs. It starts with Rake stunning the target, then continues performing… read more

Discipline Priest GS DPS Macro

The following single target macro for Discipline Priest simplifies your DPS rotation by a lot, reducing it to one button. It’s not a complete DPS macro, but it’s perfect for running dungeons, questing or leveling. This button will apply Shadow… read more

Brewer Monk Simple Macro

This macro builds Chi with Jab, and burns it with Blackout Kick, also throwing in a few other spells, such as Tiger Palm, Leg Sweep, Keg Smash and Rushing Jade Wind. It’s a macro for spamming, that focuses on your… read more

BM Hunter Spirit Mend Macro

If you play a BM Hunter and use a Spirit Beast pet, you would probably want to be able to cast the Spirit Mend ability, on the pet and on yourself, without selecting either you or the pet. The following… read more

Fire Mage AoE GS Macro

The Fire spec is much better to play vs. single targets. However, it also has its share of AOE abilities, and can of course be played vs. multiple enemies. The following GS macro, even though it’s not exactly the most… read more