Death Knight Macros Archives

Blood DK Gnome Macro

This is a one-button macro for tanking, for Blood spec Death Knight. It focuses on Death Strikes and Death Coils, also using Blood Tap for extra runes. It’s not a completely optimized macro, so you won’t achieve maximum damage /… read more

Unholy DK DPS Macro For GnomeSequencer

Even though Death Knights have a more difficult play mechanic compared with other WoW classes, the macros for them, especially the ones for GS are relatively easy to make. You just throw in your main abilities there and it should… read more

Death Knight Frost AoE 1-Button Macro

This macro offers you a nice 1-button sequence for all the main active combat abilities a Frost DK should use when fighting multiple mobs. Just like most macros for GnomeSequencer, this one will sequence throughout all the abilities written in… read more

Death Knight Death Pact Healing Macro

This is another Death Knight macro for both PvP and PvE, usable every 2 minutes, which grants quite a nice heal. Although it’s a very simple macro, it’s quite useful. Once your Death Pact Macro is in your quick bar,… read more

Frost Death Knight Single Target Multi Macro

This is an excellent macro for boss fights, in case of bosses which continuously spawn add. It basically reduces your  whole combat to one, single button, similar to this Paladin 1-button macro, or Mage 1-button macro. This macro will give… read more

Death Knight Death Coil Healing Macro

This is a very useful macro for PvP, or even for PvE, in case you want to help the healers a little bit, healing yourself when needed. As the name suggests it, it’s a macro that will heal you via… read more

Death Knight Disease Spreading Macro

This disease DK macro will apply diseases on your main target and spread them to the other targets. It’s a very useful macro due to the fact that you actually put 3 important Death Knight spells on the same button,… read more