This is a very useful macro for PvP, or even for PvE, in case you want to help the healers a little bit, healing yourself when needed. As the name suggests it, it’s a macro that will heal you via the Death Coil spell.


Once you have your macro slotted into your quick bar, and of course, you are not at full HP, simply hit the macro 2 times. On the first hit, you will cast Lichborne, and become undead, which will give you the possibility to be healed with Death Coil. You will also select yourself, and perform one Death Coil, and one heal. The second hit, will cast Death Coil on you again, healing yourself.

Macro code:

/cast Lichborne
/target YOURNAME
/castsequence Death Coil,Death Coil


Required class – Death Knight

Required Talent – Lichborne

Also, since Death Coil costs 40 Runic Power, you will need 80 Runic Power to heal yourself twice with the macro. So, it’s recommended to use this macro when you’re at full Runic Power, to benefit from two Death Coil heals.


Since this is a healing macro that will allow you to restore your health nicely, it’s awesome for PvP. Also, since Lichborne is a talent available on any spec, no matter if you’re a DPS or a Tank in PvE, it’s not a bad idea to train it, and of course, use this macro. You never know when it just may save your group from a total wipe.

For more useful macros for your class, I suggest to use this addon.

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