This is another Death Knight macro for both PvP and PvE, usable every 2 minutes, which grants quite a nice heal. Although it’s a very simple macro, it’s quite useful.

DK Death Pact Macro

Once your Death Pact Macro is in your quick bar, just hit the macro and you’ll be healed, assuming that you have some HP missing of course. This macro simultaneously casts your Death Pact spell healing you for 50% of your health and using a Healing Tonic potion.

Macro code:

/use Healing Tonic
/cast Death Pact


Required class – Death Knight

Required Talent – Death Pact


This macro is quite a nice “panic button” and you should slot it in somewhere in your main bar, or on an easily reachable key. I keep it on X key. In case you use Lichborne, here’s a DK healing macro for it.

There is a cool addon that will instantly create the most important macros for your class and spec. I use it every day and you should use it too. Read more about this addon here!

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