This is an excellent macro for boss fights, in case of bosses which continuously spawn add. It basically reduces your  whole combat to one, single button, similar to this Paladin 1-button macro, or Mage 1-button macro. This macro will give you a spam-button, which will trigger each one of the abilities it contains, as they become available. It will considerably simplify your gameplay, allow you to keep your diseases up on the target at all time, managing runes and Runic Power quite well, while using your main abilities for the Frost DK specific rotation, and putting up an excellent DPS. Also, since all the abilities in this macro are single-target, by using it you will avoid getting unnecessary aggro, or ninja-pulling.

Frost Single Target Multi Macro


Frost Single Target Spam Macro - Notepad Code


Macro code:

Sequences['FrostST'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
[[/cast Soul Reaper]],
[[/cast Pillar of Frost]],
[[/cast Icy Touch]],
[[/cast Plague Strike]],
[[/cast Obliterate]],
[[/cast Frost Strike]],
[[/cast Blood Tap]],


Required class – Death Knight
Required spec – Frost
Required Talent – Blood Tap
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


In case you use the Necrotic Plague talent, Icy Touch shouldn’t be necessary in this macro, so in that case, remove the command

[[/cast Icy Touch]],

… from the macro.

You can also remove Blood Tap, if you want, and use it manually, for better rune management.

To turn this macro into an AoE one, replace Icy Touch with Howling Blast, and add Blood Boil to it.

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