Druid Macros Archives

Feral MTK Rotation Macro

Rotation macros for classes that use Combo Points are never 100% viable, because most of the times you have to improvise, using a specific ability depending on the CP you already have. Thus, a rotation macro will always be somewhat… read more

Feral Druid Burst Opener

This macro for Feral Druids is intended for PvP use, as a high damage burst opener, great to quickly take down one of the opponents in arena, or in BGs. It starts with Rake stunning the target, then continues performing… read more
Playing a Boomkin and using macros for Solar and Lunar spells simplifies things by a lot. That’s because you get to actually categorize your moon and sun spells under separate buttons. However, many use elaborate and long macros for these… read more

Boomkin One Button for GS

It’s kind of difficult to write a classic macro that actually works properly for both Solar and Lunar spells. However GnomeSequencer greases things a bit, and a one button Boomkin macro becomes possible. The following Boomkin spam-button does the following:… read more

Guardian Druid AoE Tanking Macro

The following macro is meant to simplify your tanking as a Guardian Druid. It puts in a sequence all your main active AoE abilities, necessary for building and maintaining threat, and also Wild Charge as opener, and Frenzied Regeneration.  … read more

Resto Druid “HoTs for Tank” Macro

Having a healing macro exclusively for your tank, when in a dungeon group, simplifies your job as a healer by a lot. The following Druid “HoTs” macro, is meant to be used on a focused target (in other words, your… read more

Druid PvP Stun Opener Macro

This is a spamming macro, made to catch Rogues and any other prowling Druid in arena. It’s similar to the Rogue’s Sap Macro, and it works like this: as you enter the arena, or wherever/whenever you notice there’s a stealthed… read more

Druid Feral Nuke Macro

*Submitted by Aluhia and Jerfdor* This is a simple macro for Feral Druids that will cast your main DPS cooldowns, allowing you to push your DPS to the maximum limit, creating a damage burst when needed. Macro code: #showtooltip Berserk… read more

Druid All-Purpose Shapeshift Macro

As its name suggests it, this shapeshift macro puts all your forms under the same button, allowing you to save bar slots, and quickly use the exact Druid form that you need. By pressing the button where you have slotted… read more

Druid Stealth Bar Swap Macro

Even though abilities that used to require Prowl, such as Pounce or Ravage, were removed for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a stealth bar can still be useful, if you want to use different other macros, or abilities in a… read more