It’s kind of difficult to write a classic macro that actually works properly for both Solar and Lunar spells. However GnomeSequencer greases things a bit, and a one button Boomkin macro becomes possible.

The following Boomkin spam-button does the following:

– applies Moonfire and Sunfire spells, and keeps them on the target, or re-applies them on a different target;
– casts Starfall and Starsurge on a regular basis;
– allows you to choose between Wrath and Starfire when you must, via the ALT modifier.

In other words, all you have to do is spam this button normally during Lunar Eclipse, and hold ALT while spamming it during Solar Eclipse.

Moonkin GnomeSequencer Macro

Moonkin GnomeSequencer Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['Moonkin1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
[[/castsequence reset=25/target Moonfire]],
[[/castsequence reset=25/target Sunfire]],
[[/cast Starsurge]],
[[/cast Starfall]],
[[/cast [mod:ALT] Wrath; Starfire]],



Required class – Druid
Required spec – Balance
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


You can add…

/use [noform]!Moonkin Form

… into the PreMacro, to automatically turn into Moonkin when hitting this macro. However, this will change your main bar to the Moonkin bar, and to continue spamming the button, you’ll have to slot this macro on the same key, on the Moonkin bar. Or, you can have the macro assigned to a slot that’s not in your main bar.

You can add Celestial Alignment to this Boomkin macro if you want, but since this is an important CD, it’s best to keep it on a separate key, and use it when it’s needed, not when available.

Also, if you use the Force of Nature talent, you can add a sequence for this spell in the macro, after the Sunfire sequence, like this:

[[/castsequence reset=10 Force of Nature]],

Lastly, in case you use the Stellar Flare talent, you can add this spell in the macro similar to the sequences for Moonfire and Sunfire, something like this:

[[/castsequence reset=20/target Stellar Flare]],

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