This is a spamming macro, made to catch Rogues and any other prowling Druid in arena.

It’s similar to the Rogue’s Sap Macro, and it works like this: as you enter the arena, or wherever/whenever you notice there’s a stealthed enemy player around, you Prowl as well, and walk around the area where you think that enemy hides, tapping this macro. If the enemy enters your range, and will be in front of you, by quickly tapping this macro, you will select them and perform Rake.

Druid Rake Stun Macro

Without a macro like this, it will be difficult to quickly select the target and stun it, and there’s a big chance you will be selected first and sapped or stunned.

Macro code:

/cast Rake


Required class – Druid
Required spec – Feral

It’s also required that the target is in front of you and in the requied range of Rake.


For this macro to work even better, it’s a good idea to use Glyph of Rake, which increases the range of Rake while Prowl is active.

If you use Mighty Bash, instead of Ursol’s Vortex as most Druids do, you can replace Rake with Mighty Bash in the macro. However, Rake is still much better, because you can improve its range with the glyph, and also applies a bleed early, which will improve your Shreds on that target.

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