Even though abilities that used to require Prowl, such as Pounce or Ravage, were removed for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a stealth bar can still be useful, if you want to use different other macros, or abilities in a different order, when prowling.

This macro allows you to change your main quick bar to the second quick bar when you use Prowl. Since Druids don’t get a “stealth bar” as Rogues, this macro is very useful if you have macros and different abilities to use when stealthed.


To take the full advantage of this macro, you’ll actually need at least 2 macros of this sort. One that will bring forward the 2nd quick bar, with the abilities you want to use while prowling, and other macro, on the second quick bar, that will take you back to the 1st quick bar, that you normally use when in Cat Form.

Macro code:

This is the macro that will take you to your “stealth bar”:

/cast [nostealth]Prowl
/swapactionbar 1 2

Here are two examples with macros that will bring you back to your main quick bar, when you use:

/cast [stealth]Rake
/swapactionbar 2 1


Required class – Druid

Required spec – Feral


Although these macros are very useful especially in PvP, when you hit the Rake macro 2 1, it will return you to the 1st quick bar even if you don’t hit your target. Therefore, you must be sure that you will hit your target, for everything to work properly. If not, you’ll have to hit the Prowl macro again, to make the Prowl quick bar available once more.

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