Funny Macros Archives

“Say Hello To My Little Friend!” Macro

The G91 Landshark rockets crafted by engineers are usable by any character, regardless if they have Engineering or not. This macro adds the words “Say Hello To My Little Friend!” to your rocket launch. Macro code: /cast G91 Landshark /yell… read more

“OM NOM NOM NOM” Cannibalize Macro

This is a shout / say, message macro. It’s a simple addition to the Undeads’ Cannibalize ability. By replacing Cannibalize with this macro, your character will yell “OM NOM NOM NOM” while it consumes the corpse of a dead player,… read more

DK Pull Macro – “Get Over Here!”

If you’ve ever played “Mortal Kombat”, you probably are aware of the famous Scorpion shout, when he used his Kunai ability: “Get Over Here!”. When the Death Knight class was introduced, almost evey DK was using this macro for their… read more

Companion Love Macro

This is a roleplay macro, which enables your character to praise your current pet, along with an emote. You must have your pet selected though. Macro code: /target /script s,e={“YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE 1, %t!”,”YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE 2, %t!”,”YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE… read more

A Few Funny ASCII “Art” Macros

ASCII art macros have always been fun to yell in raids, parties or general chat. They’re not that easy to write, but here are a few, ready-made for you: A Few Funny ASCII “Art” Macros: Here are a few common… read more

Pickpocket Macro

Although this is a macro intended to be used by a Rogue, since Rogues are the only class in World of Warcraft that have a Pickpocket ability, it’s an emote macro, so you can basically use it with any class.… read more