This is a roleplay macro, which enables your character to praise your current pet, along with an emote. You must have your pet selected though.

companion love macro

Macro code:

/script s,e={“YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE 1, %t!”,”YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE 2, %t!”,”YOUR PRAISE MESSAGE 3, %t!”},{“hug”,”pat”,”tickle”}; SendChatMessage(s[math.random(getn(s))],”SAY”) DoEmote(e[math.random(getn(e))]);

Macro example:

/script s,e={“Good boy, %t!”},{“hug”,”pat”,”tickle”}; SendChatMessage(s[math.random(getn(s))],”SAY”) DoEmote(e[math.random(getn(e))]);


You must have your pet targeted.

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