The G91 Landshark rockets crafted by engineers are usable by any character, regardless if they have Engineering or not. This macro adds the words “Say Hello To My Little Friend!” to your rocket launch.

g91 landshark macro

Macro code:

/cast G91 Landshark
/yell Say Hello To My Little Friend!


You must have at least one G91 Landshark in your inventory. Of course, you can swap the Landshark with a Mecha-Blast Rocket.
You must be at least level 85, to use a G91 Landshark and at least 91 to use a Mecha-Blast Rocket.


You can add this message to the racial Goblin ability Rocket Barrage. This macro should look like this:

/cast Rocket Barrage
/yell Say Hello To My Little Friend!

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