Although this is a macro intended to be used by a Rogue, since Rogues are the only class in World of Warcraft that have a Pickpocket ability, it’s an emote macro, so you can basically use it with any class. However, it will only have its maximum effect if you’re a Rogue.

This macro broadcasts and emote message, such as: “<YOUR NAME> has pickpocketed you for 2831g, 23s, 10c.” It’s a prank emote that can scare less aware players, making them think that you stole their gold.

Macro code:

/em has pickpocketed you for 2831g, 23s, 10c.


Preferred class – Rogue


You can use different variations of this macro, such as:

/em uses Pick Pocket.
/em has stolen 1902 gold pieces from you.
/em cackles maniacally.

It’s best to use emotes like this in battlegrounds with many players, such as Alterac Valley, or Isle of Conquest, just before the door opens, or at outdoor raid bosses, such as Oondasta or Sha of Anger. At least a few players within the emote broadcast range will freak out, others will make jokes etc.

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