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BM Hunter Spirit Mend Macro

If you play a BM Hunter and use a Spirit Beast pet, you would probably want to be able to cast the Spirit Mend ability, on the pet and on yourself, without selecting either you or the pet. The following… read more

Hunter Survival AoE Macro

Here’s a macro for Survival Hunter that will allow you to keep all your DoTs on the main target, and use Multi-Shot and Barrage as main AoE damage dealing spells. The macro pretty much works as any other GS macros,… read more

Hunter Survival Single Target Button

The following Survival GS macro will help you keep up your DoTs on the target at all time, allowing your to put up a rather optimized rotation. It will cast Black Arrow, A Murder of Crows, Explosive Shot and Arcane… read more

Hunter Stopcasting Macros

Especially if you play PvP with your Hunter, stopcasting macros at least for the most important combat abilities are indispensable. That’s because abilities such as Aimed Shot, Cobra Shot or Steady Shot are castable while moving, and when you begin… read more

Marksmanship Hunter Single Target Button

If you’re looking for a Gnome macro for single target for your MM Hunter, this is it. Works basically just like the previous BM Single Target Macro, but evidently for the Marksmanship spec. It’s a spam button that calls your… read more

BM Hunter Single Target Macro

This BM Hunter macro for single target works in a similar way with the BM AoE macro, only it uses Arcane Shot instead of Multi-Shot. Evidently, it’s meant to be used on boss fights, or on targets that must be… read more

Beast Mastery AoE Hunter Multi Macro

This is a 1-button macro for AoE, for Beast Master Hunters, best to use in instances to simplify your rotation. It allows you to manage your focus well, with your Glaive Toss, Multi-Shot, Cobra Shot, and Kill Command. As you… read more

Hunter Super Pet Button

*Submitted by Delvaryan* This is a very sweet pet macro, which puts Dismiss Pet, Revive Pet, and Call Pet under one button. It works like this: – if your pet is not out, by pressing the macro button, you will… read more

Hunter Focus Target Intimidation Macro

This macro will send your pet to the target that you have under your Focus and command it to stun that target, using Intimidation. It works pretty simply. You just tap the macro and you’ll send the pet to stun… read more

Hunter DMG Burst Macro

This is a simple macro for triggering some of your main damaging cooldowns, allowing you to create a short duration damage burst. You simply hit the macro and you will cast all the abilities in it, in other words Stampede,… read more
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