If you play a BM Hunter and use a Spirit Beast pet, you would probably want to be able to cast the Spirit Mend ability, on the pet and on yourself, without selecting either you or the pet. The following modifier macro does exactly that.

By pressing the macro button normally, without any modifier, the pet will cast Spirit Mend on yourself. By holding down ALT and pressing the macro, the pet will cast Spirit Mend on itself.

Beast Mastery Spirit Mend Macro

Macro code:

#show Spirit Mend
/cast [nomod, @player] Spirit Mend
/cast [mod:ALT,@pet,exists] Spirit Mend


Required class – Hunter
Required spec – Beast Mastery
Required pet – Spirit Beast


You can also add another modifier in the macro for the target in your focus. For that, just add the following to the macro:

/cast [mod:CTRL,@focus,exists] Spirit Mend

Also, if you’re going to use CTRL as a modifier, make sure you don’t put the macro in your main 1-0 bar. CTRL+1, CTRL+2 etc, are keybinds assigned to pet commands by default. So, if you put the macro on 6 for example, by pressing your macro while holding down CTRL, the pet will cast the ability it has in its own bar, rather than casting Spirit Mend with your modifier.

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