This macro will send your pet to the target that you have under your Focus and command it to stun that target, using Intimidation.

hunter intimidation macro

It works pretty simply. You just tap the macro and you’ll send the pet to stun your focused target.

Macro code:

/petattack [target=focus]
/cast Intimidation


Required class – Hunter
Required spec – Beast Mastery


Important: For this macro to work, your pet must not be kept on ASSIST mode, because if you’re already fighting an enemy and you will attack that enemy, even if you gave the Intimidation command (with this macro) for the focused target, the pet will re-attack your main target once you perform an attack on it.

This is one of the most useful Hunter macros for arena, especially if your team needs to keep an enemy out of combat for a longer period of time. It’s also a great button for interrupting a caster.

To maximize your crowd control efficiency as a Hunter in arena, this macro should be used after the effect of your Freezing Trap has worn off, or after the Scatter Shot effect has worn off.

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