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For the longest time, I didn’t realize that using the optimal World of Warcraft keybinds and macros were the ultimate key to unlock the power of my character. I wasted lots of time going after the best gear, and to that end I bought a fair number of gold guides, questing guides and pvp guides. It was only when I was totally owned by someone with vastly inferior gear in the Battlegrounds that it dawned on me. I was totally going about this game the wrong way!

You see, all of the advantages I was building up for myself in terms of gear and build meant totally nothing against an opponent using advanced macros and keybindings. They would just dance around me, rain down a shower of spells and abilities onto my hero while I was still trying to point and click my mouse on the next skill. By the time I was able to do it, they would be laughing to themselves and casting another 5-6 well drilled sequences onto me like clockwork. I was losing, and losing badly, at every PVP and raid situation I participated in, leading even my guildmates to laugh at me behind my back for being a noob.

Well… this was not cool and I had to end this by all means, or stop playing the game. I am not a person who like to be an “average”. So, I grabbed a large cup of coffee and started my research. Lucky enough, I found a lot of info on the internet, but all was somehow incomplete or too general. Fear not, I don’t give up yet! So, I started to “collect” the pieces and to put them together. It’s been a few hours already since I started and I still didn’t had a clue about how to solve my problem. I must be doing something wrong… I don’t think the elite players stay hours and hours on the net surfing cluelessly. Then finally, it hit me: a tiny little advert scratched my eyes… Instant Pro-Level Keybinds & Macros Addon. This is it, an in-game addon with professionally made macros and keybindings waiting there for me. I was a bit skeptikal at first, but soon after I saw the video from their site, I was hooked.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below and judge for yourself!

Instant Pro-Level Keybinds & Macros With a Click of a Button!


How Impulse Macros And Keybinding Addon Changed Everything

So what’s the big deal about WoW macros and keybinds anyway? Well let’s take the example of a simple 3 second stun spell. When used on its own in a non optimized way, all it does is give the opponent time to figure out what the next sequence he’s going to unleash on you is. Used as part of a chain of abilities, spells and attacks though, this is deadly. Just think about the number of times that you encountered someone who was totally overpowered against you, who totally owned you even though he had the exact same character, build and gear. The big difference was, you were pointing and clicking while he had his WoW keybinding sequence laid out like a pro.

Now, you could probably find some basic WoW keybinding addon downloads around the net, and the same for WoW macro addon programs as well, but these are nowhere nearly as effective as anything that pro players would use, as you would imagine. I’m talking about people fighting it out in the highest levels of WoW tourneys, they need every single little advantage they can get and boy are these advantages huge when taken onto your average server. So how do you get your hands on these pro settings? The answer as I recently discovered is the Manaview Impulse WoW Addon.

You might be surprised to find out that simply by adding this in-game addon to my game, I managed to totally dominate raids and battlegrounds that I previously struggled with. In fact, the change was so drastic that a few of my guildmates immediately knew that I had something good on my hands. One of the senior members of my guild even called me aside and flat out begged me to tell me the secret, and I did of course, after making him squirm a little. Seriously, this is like nothing I have ever tried before in terms of getting an unfair advantage in World of Warcraft. It’s definitely much more worth investing your money into the Manaview Impulse Addon than any other product concerning WoW.

So what exactly do you get with the Impulse WoW Addon?

Quite simply, this is a set of professionally crafted WoW keybindings and WoW macros that are used by the very best players in the tournament circles. This is certainly totally legal and above board, and is 100% guaranteed to not get your account banned… EVER. After all, we’re talking about some of the top players in the game using them, and obviously they wouldn’t want their hard built characters flushed down the drain.


Most importantly, you are fully protected by a 60 day obligation free money back guarantee, so you can try it out for yourself today and if you are not completely and utterly satisfied, just ask for your money back. I’m confident though that you’ll agree that this is the best thing that you could possibly get to obtain an unfair advantage for yourself and dominate the World of Warcraft end-game content, PvE and PvP alike.