Mage Macros Archives

New Arcane GS Macro for Mages

Here’s a macro for Arcane Mages involving the most necessary and most damaging spells into your fighting rotation: Arcane Barrage, Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast and Supernova. As you can see in the macro code below, it also includes Ice Ward… read more

Arcane Charge Builder-Dumper

GnomeMacros, or extensive macros in general apply easily, and pretty well to the Arcane Mage spec. That’s because the spells are pretty much straightforward, and don’t have many requirements. Therefore here’s a ToolKit macro for Arcane, that will help you… read more

Fire Mage AoE GS Macro

The Fire spec is much better to play vs. single targets. However, it also has its share of AOE abilities, and can of course be played vs. multiple enemies. The following GS macro, even though it’s not exactly the most… read more

Mage PyroProcs Macro for GnomeSequencer

If you play a Fire Mage, I’m pretty sure you’re aware that generating / using Pyroblast procs is of the essence to put up a good DPS. To get your Pyroblast to proc and be able to use instantly, the… read more

Frost Mage Single Target Macro

This macro for Frost Mages isn’t entirely a “single target” macro as called, since it contains Cone of Cold, which is an AoE ability. However, it’s meant to be used when fighting single mobs. This Mage macro, offers you a… read more

Arcane Mage AoE Multi Macro

This simple macro will group under a single button some of the most important Arcane spells for AoE. It will apply Nether Tempest on a new target, cast Arcane Explosion, Arcane Barrage and Cone of Cold as they become available.,… read more

Arcane Mage Single Target Multi Macro

This macro offers you one button for three, most used Mage abilities given by the Arcane spec: Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles. It will trigger Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles as they become available, and when they’re not,… read more

Mage Damage Burst Macro

This DPS macro puts all your offensive CDs under one button. By casting them all at once you will be able to create a nice damage burst for a short period of time. It’s a very useful macro for PvP,… read more

Mage Polymorph Macro

This macro will allow you to perform Polymorph on your main target, as well as a quick Polymorph on the target that you have focused. It’s a very useful macro for PvP. It’s similar to the Hex macro for Shammies… read more

Mage All Buffs Macro

This macro puts under one button, as its name suggests it, all the buffs that a Mage has. Therefore, you save 3 slots in your quickbars, and you’ll be able to buff yourself more quickly. It works pretty simple. Once… read more