This macro puts under one button, as its name suggests it, all the buffs that a Mage has. Therefore, you save 3 slots in your quickbars, and you’ll be able to buff yourself more quickly.

all buff macro

It works pretty simple. Once you slot it on your key, let’s just say it’s the “T” key, it works like this. By pressing the macro once, you will buff yourself with Arcane Brilliance, and by pressing it the second time, your will buff yourself with Frost Armor. By holding down SHIFT, as you press this macro, you will buff yourself with Arcane Brilliance and on the second hit of the macro, you will buff Molten Armor. And lastly, by holding down the CTRL key, on the first hit of the macro you will get Arcane Brilliance and on the second hit, Mage Armor.

Macro code:

/castsequence [nomod] reset=4 Arcane Brilliance, Frost Armor
/castsequence [mod:shift] reset=4 Arcane Brilliance, Molten Armor
/castsequence [mod:ctrl] reset=4 Arcane Brilliance, Mage Armor

Each sequence resets after 4 seconds.


Required Class – Mage


You can add a type of food that grants a Well Fed buff, or a buff potion or flask, on any of the sequences in this macro, if you want to expand your buff-button. In that case a sequence from the macro should look like this:

/castsequence [nomod] reset=5 Arcane Brilliance, Frost Armor, Banquet of the Grill


/castsequence [mod:shift] reset=5 Arcane Brilliance, Molten Armor, Flask of the Warm Sun

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