This macro offers you one button for three, most used Mage abilities given by the Arcane spec: Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles. It will trigger Arcane Barrage and Arcane Missiles as they become available, and when they’re not, your Mage will cast Arcane Blast. It will start by applying Nether Tempest to the target, and continue with Arcane Blast and the other spells. It will also help you keep Ice Barrier on, for an optimal defense.

Arcane Single Target Macro


Arcane Mage Single Target Macro - Notepad Code


Macro code:

Sequences['Arcane1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/castsequence reset=10/target Nether Tempest,null
[[/cast Arcane Blast]],
[[/cast Arcane Barrage]],
[[/cast Arcane Missiles]],
[[/cast Ice Barrier]],


Required class – Mage
Required spec – Arcane
Rquired talents – Ice Barrier, Nether Tempest
Required addon – GnomeSequencer



This is a Mage macro best used for single targets, similar to this Hunter 1-target macro. However as you will build up Arcane Charges, your Arcane Barrage will hit additional targets when cast. It’s a great macro to use in instances, for bosses, as well for leveling up and questing. It’s a macro meant for spamming and of course, reducing your whole combat to one, single button.

You can add Arcane Power to this single target macro, if you want, but since it’s an important damage cooldown, it’s best to cast it separately, when you need it the most.

Although you can use this Arcane Mage macro in PvP, I wouldn’t recommend it. In PvP it’s best to use your spells individually, never keep the same rotation, and always improvise depending on the combat situation and the classes you play against.

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