This macro for Frost Mages isn’t entirely a “single target” macro as called, since it contains Cone of Cold, which is an AoE ability. However, it’s meant to be used when fighting single mobs. This Mage macro, offers you a mashing button that will start by applying Frost Bomb on the target, then casts 2 Frostbolts and 2 Ice Lance spells, and Cone of Cold and Ice Barrier as they become available.

Frost Single Target Mage Macro


Frost Single Target Mage Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['Frost1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/castsequence reset=target Frost Bomb,null
[[/castsequence Frostbolt,Frostbolt,Ice Lance,Ice Lance]],
[[/cast Cone of Cold]],
[[/cast Ice Barrier]],


Required class – Mage;
Required spec – Frost;
Required talents – Frost Bomb, Ice Barrier;
Required addon – GnomeSequencer;


You can add Frostfire Bolt to the macro, after Ice Barrier. However, since the cast of this bolt is 2.55 sec., it’s not the best idea to shoot it, unless it becomes instant due to a Brain Freeze effect. That’s why this spell should not be in the macro, but used individually, when Brain Freeze procs. I usually keep Frostfire Bolt just near the macro in my spells bar, and hit it when it becomes instant cast.

This is not exactly an optimized macro, since the effectiveness of various spells such as Ice Lance and Frostfire Bolt, is increased by procs. You won’t be reaching top DPS in raids by using it, and you will definitely suck in PvP, where you must improvise all the time. But, it’s prefectly fine to use it when questing, or farming single mobs, as your whole gameplay will be reduced to one button.

It’s also a good idea to also keep Ice Lance on a separate button, and hit it when it procs, even though it’s in the macro.

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