This macro will allow you to perform Polymorph on your main target, as well as a quick Polymorph on the target that you have focused. It’s a very useful macro for PvP. It’s similar to the Hex macro for Shammies or Blind macro for Rogues.

polymorph macro

Once you have put this macro on your quick bar, by pressing it once normally, you will Polymorph your main target. Or, by holding ALT and hitting the macro, you will Polymorph your focused target.

Macro code:

/cast [nomod] Polymorph
/cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Polymorph


Required Class – Mage


To focus one target, you have to select that target and type /focus or right click on the icon of the target and select “Set Focus”. However, you can also make a macro button with the /focus command, to quickly set focus on a certain target.

This is one of the very useful macros for arena, to use with your Mage. By using this macro, you can maximize the efficiency of your Polymorph effect and keep an enemy out of combat long enough to defeat one of their team mates.

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