Monk Macros Archives

Brewer Monk Simple Macro

This macro builds Chi with Jab, and burns it with Blackout Kick, also throwing in a few other spells, such as Tiger Palm, Leg Sweep, Keg Smash and Rushing Jade Wind. It’s a macro for spamming, that focuses on your… read more

Mistweaver Monk Simple Healing Macro

Due to the fact the the Monk’s mechanics, especially on the Mistweaver spec, are quite a bit different from the ones of other healing classes in WoW, it’s a bit difficult to make 1-button, all-purpose macros. However, you can still… read more

Monk Windwalker 1-Button DPS Macro

Just as most Sequencer macros, this one puts some of the main DPS abilities for Windwalker Monk, under one button. The result is a spam button that will cycle through abilities such as Jab, Tiger’s Palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun… read more

Monk Brewmaster AoE Tanking Macro

If you want to a one-button tanking macro for your Monk, this is kind of IT. The following Gnome macro will simplify your whole combat as a Brewmaster Monk by a lot. It begins with Keg Smash and Elusive Brew,… read more

Monk Detox Macro

This is an easy macro for using Detox quickly on yourself, your friendly target or your focused target. It works like any other macro for a focused target. By hitting this macro normally, you will perform Detox on yourself or… read more

Monk Tiger’s Lust Macro

This is a macro that will allow you to use your Tiger’s Lust more effectively on yourself or the target that you have under your focus. So, in case you receive a crowd control effect, by pressing the macro button… read more

Monk Damage Burst Macro

This is a simple macro, that burns some of the most important cooldowns, to obtain a short duration damage burst. You simply hit the macro and cast your Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger, Tigereye Brew, Chi Brew and your damaging… read more