This macro builds Chi with Jab, and burns it with Blackout Kick, also throwing in a few other spells, such as Tiger Palm, Leg Sweep, Keg Smash and Rushing Jade Wind. It’s a macro for spamming, that focuses on your main target, but also allows you to deal some AoE damage. It doesn’t incorporate too many abilities, promoting some flexibility regarding the use of other Brewmaster abilities, such as Dizzying Haze or Elusive Brew.

Brew Monk Easy Gnome Macro

Brew Monk Easy Gnome Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['BrewerMonk'] = {
StepFunction = [[
limit = limit or 1
if step == limit then
limit = limit % #macros + 1
step = 1
step = step % #macros + 1
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
[[/castsequence reset=terget Jab,Jab,Jab]],
[[/castsequence Blackout Kick]],
[[/cast Tiger Palm]],
[[/Leg Sweep]],
[[/cast Keg Smash]],
[[/cast Tiger Palm]],
[[/cast Rushing Jade Wind]],



Required class – Monk
Required spec – Brewmaster
Required talents – Leg Sweep, Rushing Jade Wind
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


When using this macro, it’s best to first drop a Black Ox Statue, especially if you’re in a group, for better threat management.

You can also add Expel Harm and Breath of Fire to the macro if you want, for a bit of heal, and an extra damaging spell.

Also, if you have usable trinkets or items, you can add a post macro to the current macro, and add your usable trinket, potion or whatever else you want to use during combat.

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