This is an easy macro for using Detox quickly on yourself, your friendly target or your focused target. It works like any other macro for a focused target.

monk detox macro

By hitting this macro normally, you will perform Detox on yourself or on your selected target, or by holding down ALT as you press this macro’s key, you will perform Detox on the target that you have under your focus.

Macro code:

/cast [nomod] Detox
/cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Detox


Required class – Monk


This is a very handy macro in instances, especially if you’re a healer. By focusing the main tank, you will always know that ALT+ this macro will Detox them.

It’s also very useful in 2v2 arena. By keeping your team mate focused, you will easily remove the diseases and poisons from them with this macro.

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