Due to the fact the the Monk’s mechanics, especially on the Mistweaver spec, are quite a bit different from the ones of other healing classes in WoW, it’s a bit difficult to make 1-button, all-purpose macros. However, you can still simplify your gameplay by a lot by using healing macros which involve only a few abilities.

The following is a simple sequence macro (does not require any addon), that allows you to quickly recover a player in your group, by applying Renewing Mist on them, then begin casting Soothing Mist, and during the channeling perform 3x Surging Mist and an Enveloping Mist.

Mistweaver Heal Button

Macro code:


/castsequence reset=8 Renewing Mist,Soothing Mist,Surging Mist,Surging Mist,Surging Mist,Enveloping Mist


Required class – Monk
Required spec – Mistweaver


As you can see, the macro has a reset timer of 8 seconds, equal to the cooldown of the Renewing Mist spell. However, the whole sequence ends after 6 seconds, leaving you 2 more seconds to cast a different spell.

If you reduce the reset timer of the macro to 6 sec., it will reset, but you won’t be able to use it for two seconds because Renewing Mist won’t be up. If you remove Renewing Mist from the macro, it should work with a 6 second reset. But leaving Renewing Mist as an opener for this sequence is a good idea, since it quicky applies a health regen on your target, which should prevent you to struggle with your next spells.

If you use the Ascension talent, you’ll have 2 Chi charges most of the time when using this macro. So, within those two seconds left until the macro resets completely, you can burn them with an Uplift.

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