This is a macro that will allow you to use your Tiger’s Lust more effectively on yourself or the target that you have under your focus.

tiger lust macro

So, in case you receive a crowd control effect, by pressing the macro button as it is, you will use Tiger’s Lust on yourself, to escape from the crowd control effect. Or, if you hold down ALT and hit this macro key, you will remove the movement impairing effect on the friendly target that you have under your focus.

Macro code:

/cast [nomod, target=YOURNAME] Tiger’s Lust
/cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Tiger’s Lust


Required class – Monk

Required talent – Tiger’s Lust


This is a very useful macro in PvP, especially in arena. By using your Tiger’s Lust properly and quickly, you may gain valuable seconds to your team.

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