Paladin Macros Archives

The following heal macro for Paladins is intended single target healing, but will also use Judgment and Denounce on the target of your target. It’s a pretty much okay Holy macro for healing heroics. Macro code: Sequences['HolyPally1'] = { PreMacro… read more

Pally One-Button Tanking Macro

Out of all the tanking sequence macros, the one for Paladin described below, is my favorite. That’s because it works so great, and literally turns your tanking into a one button play. Apart from your main tanking CDs which you… read more

Retribution Paladin AoE Macro

The following macro is an ideal macro for AoE farming or taking down trash mobs in instances. It will provide you with a mashing button that will sequence through the Paladin’s AoE abilities available on Retribution spec, such as Hammer… read more

Retribution Paladin Single Target Multi Macro

This is an excellent macro to use as your rotation when fighting bosses, or of course, single mobs or other players. It’s a macro that gives you a spam-button that will trigger Crusader Strike, Judgment, Exorcism, Templar’s Verdict and Hammer… read more

Paladin Damage Burst Macro

This is a macro that will simultaneously trigger all your damaging cooldowns for a short period damage burst. It’s current “I WIN” Paladin button. Works pretty simple. Once you’ve written it and assigned it on one key, if you hit… read more

Paladin Stun – Heal Macro

This is a very simple panic-button macro that allows you to quickly stun your target and cast two Flash of Light heals on yourself, before the stun expires. It’s a simple sequence macro. By pressing it 1st time, you will… read more

Paladin Crusader Strike – HotR Macro

If you play a Retri or Protection Paladin, depending on situation, you sometimes have to use Crusader Strike or Hammer of the Righteous. Both abilities grant a Holy Power Charge, both consume about the same amount of mana, and have… read more