Out of all the tanking sequence macros, the one for Paladin described below, is my favorite. That’s because it works so great, and literally turns your tanking into a one button play. Apart from your main tanking CDs which you should use only when things get rough, your whole combat rotation will be spamming just one button.

This Prot Pally macro is a sequence for your main combat abilities. As you spam this macro, it will quickly go through all the abilities in it, and trigger the ones that are up and available.

Prot Pally Tanking Macro

Prot Pally Tanking Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['ProtPally1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [nostance: 3] Seal of Insight
[[/cast Avenger's Shield]],
[[/cast Consecration]],
[[/cast Holy Wrath]],
[[/cast Judgment]],
[[/cast Sacred Shield]],
[[/cast Hammer of the Righteous]],
[[/cast Shield of the Righteous]],
[[/cast Hammer of Wrath]],



Required class – Paladin
Required spec – Protection
Required talent – Sacred Shield
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


You can remove Avenger’s Shield from the macro if you want, and use it as an opener, or when it’s more required. It also silences and interrupts targets, and in certain cases it might be best to use it separately.

You can add Word of Glory to this tanking macro, but most of the time it will be cast when you have only one charge of Holy Power, which isn’t that great. So, it’s best to leave this ability on a separate key.

As you begin using the macro, your Paladin will automatically swap onto Seal of Insight, and no matter what other seal you want to use, it will immediately change on Seal of Insight, when using this macro. That’s because this seal is the one that any tank Paladin should use, for better survivability. However, if you want use the other seals, depending on the combat situation, simply remove…

/cast [nostance: 3] Seal of Insight

… from the macro.

Also, for tanking bosses, you can replace Hammer of the Righteous with Crusader Strike, for more damage. A good idea would be write another macro, with Crusader Strike instead of Hammer of the Righteous, and use this second one vs bosses, and the first version for trash mobs.

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