This is an excellent macro to use as your rotation when fighting bosses, or of course, single mobs or other players. It’s a macro that gives you a spam-button that will trigger Crusader Strike, Judgment, Exorcism, Templar’s Verdict and Hammer of Wrath as they become available, and also pop Execution Sentence on target. The macro will always begin by casting Seal of Truth, or changing (back) to Seal of Truth, if you were using a different seal.

Retri Paladin Single Target Macro


Retri Paladin Single Target Macro - Notepad Code


Macro code:

Sequences['Retri1'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [nostance: 1] Seal of Truth
[[/cast [harm] !Execution Sentence]],
[[/cast Hammer of Wrath]],
[[/cast Templar's Verdict]],
[[/cast Crusader Strike]],
[[/cast Judgment]],
[[/cast Exorcism]],


Required class – Paladin
Required spec – Retribution
Require talent – Execution Sentence
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


Since Execution Sentence is an important CD, and might not be wise to just use it on whatever target you’re fighting, as you have it available, it might be a better choice to remove its command from the macro.

Also, if keeping Exorcism and Templar’s Verdict on separate buttons as well, might be handy, in case they proc, and the target needs just 1-2 hits. Using one of these independently when needed may be more effective.

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