The following macro was made to be used by a Holy Priest beginning with a low level. You can actually begin using it beginning with level 46, as you get Prayer of Healing. As the title specifies, it’s a simple macro that will heal mainly the tank, which should be in your focus. But since it contains Prayer of Healing, and Solace, it will heal other players in the group as well.

Holy Priest Heal Macro

Macro code:

/castsequence [@focus,exists][] reset=10 Power word: Shield,Heal,Heal
/castsequence [@focus,exists][] reset=10 Renew,Prayer of Healing
/cast Power Word: Solace


Required class – Priest
Required spec – Holy
Required talents – Power Word: Solace


Since it’s a pretty basic macro, it leaves a lot of room for modification. For example, you can add Prayer of Mending into the second sequence, once you reach level 68 and earn this spell. Also, you can add Holy Word: Serenity when this spell becomes available.

In case you use Cascade as your level 90 talent, you can replace Power Word: Solace with Cascade in the macro, to help with some AoE damage. Needless to say, for this button to cast these offensive spells, you also need to have a hostile target selected, along with your tank, or focused player to whom all your heals will go.

If you want, you can throw a Flash Heal in the first sequence, after Power Word: Shield. But in this case, increase the reset timer of the sequence by 2.

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