Penance is a spell that you can cast on an enemy to deal channeled damage, and on a friendly target or on yourself to heal. In case you don’t have a target, you will automatically cast it on yourself (if you like to have your Auto Self Cast enabled). But if you’re fighting an enemy opponent and you would like to use it as a heal on yourself, sometimes it just may take too long (even half a second may be too long in certain situations) to select yourself and cast it. And if you just deselect your target to cast it, your target just might hit you an re-select, and you may waste your Penance on the target instead of yourself.

To avoid this, here’s a nice macro:

priest penance macro

Macro code:

/cast [nomod, harm] Penance
/cast [mod:shift, target=focus] Penance
/cast [mod:ctrl, target=YOURNAME] Penance

By hitting this macro normally, you will use Penance to deal damage to your target. By holding down SHIFT and hitting the macro, you will use Penance on your focused target, whether it is an enemy or a friendly player. And by holding down CTRL and hitting the macro key, you will perform Penance on yourself, to heal yourself.


Required class – Priest

Required spec – Discipline


In case you want to keep it simple and use a macro for Penance just to heal-self when you’re fighting an enemy, the macro should look like this:

/cast [target=YOURNAME] Penance

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