This is a multifunctional macro for mounts. It will randomly summon a flying mount from a selection of flying mounts that you add into your macro, if you’re outdoors (or in a place where you can use a flying mount). Similarly, it will randomly summon a non-flying mount if you’re in-doors, in arena, battlegrounds or wherever you cannot fly, but you can use a ground mount. And by holding down CTRL and hitting the macro button, it will summon your Abyssal Seahorse, just in case you’re in Vashj’ir. If mounted, by using this macro, your character will dismount.

summon random mount

Macro Code:

/castrandom [nomod,outdoors,flyable] Flying Mount 1, Flying Mount 2
/castrandom [nomod,noflyable] Riding Mount 1, Riding Mount 2
/cast [mod:ctrl] Abyssal Seahorse
/dismount [mounted]

Macro Example:

/castrandom [nomod,outdoors,flyable] Argent Hippogryph, Sandstone Drake
/castrandom [nomod,noflyable] Mechano-Hog, Black War Mammoth
/cast [mod:ctrl,nomounted] Abyssal Seahorse
/dismount [mounted]


Without a modifier (CTRL) the mount macro will consider the Vashj’ir zone as a “flyable” zone, and will also select some of your flying mounts if you use it, even if you add the command “swimming” to the Abyssal Horse macro syntax line. So, you have to use the modifier, otherwise the macro wouldn’t be 100% functional.

The coding in this macro eats quite a bit of character space. Therefore, you don’t get too much character space to add as many mounts as you might want into it, given the fact that the maximum is amount of characters is 255. However, you can simplify it by deleting the part with the Abyssal Seahorse (in case you don’t go to Vashj’ir too often). In this case, you can also delete the “nomod” in the other macro syntax lines.

Or, in order to get extended macro space, you can use a macro addon, like Macro Toolkit for example.

Also, to save character space, you can cut off the [mounted] part at the end of the macro. However by doing this, when mounted, the character will dismount and attempt to summon another mount, instead of simply dismounting. It shouldn’t be too bothersome though.

If you want to use this macro on a character that doesn’t have the flying skill for a certain zone, or does not have the required level, you should either add “outdoors” to the ground mounts macro line, or cut off “outdoors” from the flying mounts line.

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