This is a very useful macro if you want to address to a player directly, via whisper message, to ask them something, give them an answer etc. However it works only you have the particular player selected. So, basically, to use this macro, you must select the player to whom you want to send a message, hit the macro, and you will send them a whisper with the message written in the macro.

send message macro

Macro Code:

/run if UnitExists"target"then SendChatMessage("YOUR TEXT MESSAGE GOES HERE","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"target")end


You must have a player selected.

Macro Example:

/run if UnitExists"target"then SendChatMessage("Hi. WTB portal to Undercity. Paying 100g. I am near you.","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"target")end


The example I’ve given above is a very useful whisper message that will get you a portal to Undercity as quickly as possible. Sometimes, if you’re in a main city, the trade chat is moving to quickly and it may be difficult to find a Mage to make you a portal. Also, you can’t spam your request as the chat has restrictions.

By using this macro, with the specific message in it, you will let them know that you will pay them a lot (100g) and that you are near them (I’m near you), so all they have to do is push a button for 100g. All you need to do is click every Mage that you see around you, hit the macro until one responds.

Evidently, the macro works for any other message. You simply have to write a different text.

In case you want to use a longer text message, that exceeds the 255 character limit, simply install and use the addon Macro Toolkit.

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