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Ashran AA Destroyer Macro For Melee Class

If you’ve been playing Ashran, you probably know that the Ancient Artifact (AA) is a buff that can really turn the tables in battle. The Ancient Artifact grants a player 200% damage and 25% HP, turning them into quite a… read more

Target Focus Crowd Control Macro

Any class that has a single target crowd control ability should have a macro such as this, for PvP, especially for arena. This macro will apply your crowd control on the target you have under your focus. Macro code: /cast… read more

Alterac Valley Tactics Macros

Similar to the AB tactics macros, here are two BG macros for Horde and Alliance, with offensive tactics, for Alterac Valley. Macro codes: Horde: /bg Grp. 1 & 2 – Balinda –> Recap IB and TP towers /bg Grp. 3… read more

Arathi Basin Tactics Macros

In Arathi Basin is very important that every group knows precisely which base to attack, before the battle begins. This is a bg broadcast macro that covers the general tactics for the intro battle in Arathi Basin, assigning each group… read more