Similar to the AB tactics macros, here are two BG macros for Horde and Alliance, with offensive tactics, for Alterac Valley.

Macro codes:


horde alterac valley tactics

/bg Grp. 1 & 2 – Balinda –> Recap IB and TP towers
/bg Grp. 3 – Stoneheart Bunker
/bg Grp. 4 – Icewing Bunker
/bg Grp. 5 – Stormpike GY
/bg Grp. 6 – North Bunker
/bg Grp. 7 – South Bunker
/bg Grp. 8 – Aid Station


alliance alterac valley tactics

/bg Grp. 1 & 2 – Galvangar –> Recap SH and IW towers
/bg Grp. 3 – Iceblood Tower
/bg Grp. 4 – Tower Point
/bg Grp. 5 – Frostwolf GY
/bg Grp. 6 – East Tower
/bg Grp. 7 – West Tower
/bg Grp. 8 – Relief Hut


You should be in Alterac Valley.


It’s best to have leadership of the BG so that you message is seen better. Also, if someone else shouts a different tactic, first it’s a good idea not to shout yours, because it will create confusion, some of the players will follow one tactic, and others the second one, resulting in chaos and failure in taking objectives.

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