If you’ve been playing Ashran, you probably know that the Ancient Artifact (AA) is a buff that can really turn the tables in battle. The Ancient Artifact grants a player 200% damage and 25% HP, turning them into quite a weapon. Also, the AA carrier is quite difficult to kill, as most healers will have this player in Focus, using all they’ve got on them if they take a lot of damage.

However, even if healed by several healers, with the other buffs available in Ashran, you can actually take an AA carrier down. So, here’s a PvP macro for it, which fits best to a melee class. This macro is similar to a CD-pop macro, but actually uses several usable items rather than abilities.


Macro code:

/target YOUR NAME
/use Wand of Lightning Shield
/use Vintage Free Action Potion
/use Star Root Tuber
/use Draenic Agility Potion
/use 14


Required class – melee class
Required items – Vintage Free Action Potion, Wand of Lightning Shield, Star Root Tuber, Draenic Agility or Strength Potion.


In order for this macro to use all the items, you will have to spam if for a few seconds, as the global cooldowns will get in the way. It won’t use them all at once. As you have popped all the effects, attack the AA and also use your CDs.

Make sure you replace the words “Your Name” in the macro, with the name of the character you’re going to play.

The Wand of Lightning Shield is an Ashran specific buff that you can cast on any player (including yourself), which will deal 50,000 damage to nearby enemies, for 15 sec. As you can see, this WoW macro will select yourself first, then use this buff on yourself. This item can drop from any rare mob in Ashran, or you can find it Hollowed Stumps, Ornate Baskets, Hollowed Skulls, chests and other objects that spawn in Ashran.

Vintage Free Action Potion is sold by one of the NPCs in your faction’s base, in Ashran. It makes you immune to most CC effects, allowing you to DPS the AA carrier freely.

Star Root Tuber is actually a herb that spawns at Gorian Falls, where the saberon mobs are. It grants you 40% resistace to all damage.

Evidently, if your class uses Strength as main DPS statistic, change the Draenic Agility Potion in the macro with a Draenic Strength Potion.

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