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Muti-Rogue One Button DPS

This is a single target macro for Mutilate Rogues. Although it’s not highly optimized, and it won’t help you put maximum DPS in raids, or achieve a super burst in PvP, it still is a fun macro to use while… read more

Combat Rogue Rotation GS Macro

Even though it’s pretty much difficult to create a Rogue macro for any spec to perfectly perform a complete and continuous rotation, the following one for Combat, is actually not bad. The Combat macro will help you keep up Recuperate… read more

Rogue Death from Above Burst Button

Especially when it comes to PvP, achieving a high damage burst in a very short amount of time, should be any Rogue’s specialty. That’s why Marked for Death, which allows you to instantly apply 5 Combo Points (CP) on your… read more

Rogue Pickpocket Macro

After reading the title of this post, I’m sure you’re probably wondering “Why would I need a Pickpocket macro, because you just put it in your bar and use it?!”. Well, simply because once you use Pickpocket on a mob,… read more

Combat Rogue Shadow Reflection Burst Macro

This a great macro to use as Combat Rogue, to basically double up some of your CDs, for a high damage burst. As you can see, it’s a sequence that begins by popping up your Shadow Reflection, then, uses Marked… read more
The following two macros for Rogue actually kinda go together. Of course, you can use them independently if you want, but having these two on your 1 and 2 keys, will simplify and improve your combat as an Assassination Rogue… read more

Rogue Fan of Knives AoE Macro

Before I proceed with this post, I must specify that these two are macros for Assassination Rogue. Such macros can be used for Subtlety, however, you will have to introduce Slice and Dice within the CP Burner macro, and Hemorrhage… read more

Rogue PvP Sap Macro

This is a macro meant to be spammed whenever you notice there is a stealthed enemy around you. It targets the closest target and applies sap on it. Macro code: /cleartarget /targetenemy /cast Sap Restrictions: Required class – Rogue Requires… read more

Rogue Tricks of the Trade Macro

This is a macro that simplifies the cast of Tricks of the Trade. It applies Tricks of the Trade on the friendly party member that you have under your Focus. Macro code: /cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade Restrictions: Required… read more

Rogue Blind Bandage Macro

This is a pretty much basic Rogue macro, but very useful, specially in PvP. By tapping it twice, you will Blind your opponent and quickly use a bandage on yourself. Macro code: /castsequence reset=4 Blind, BANDAGE NAME Example /castsequence reset=4… read more
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