This is a pretty much basic Rogue macro, but very useful, specially in PvP. By tapping it twice, you will Blind your opponent and quickly use a bandage on yourself.

rogue blind bandage macro

Macro code:

/castsequence reset=4 Blind, BANDAGE NAME


/castsequence reset=4 Blind, Windwool Bandage


Required class – Rogue

Professions required – First Aid

Reagent required – bandage


This macro can also be a life savior in arena and in battlegrounds. It helps you gain precious seconds with the bandage use, resulting in more healing.

To avoid the breaking of the Blind effect by periodic damage (like bleedings and DoTs) it’s a good idea to use Glyph of Blind.

Also, you can add Recuperate in the macro if you want, between the Blind and the Bandage. But for the Recuperate to work, you will need combo points on the target and you will have to tap the macro 3 times.


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