Especially when it comes to PvP, achieving a high damage burst in a very short amount of time, should be any Rogue’s specialty. That’s why Marked for Death, which allows you to instantly apply 5 Combo Points (CP) on your target, is basically a must in any Rogue build.

The following macro puts into one button both Marked for Death and Death from Above, along with the use of a Mecha-Blast Rocket, for a quick high damage burst. The macro is pretty simple and does not require any addon. You simply push the button 3 times (or just spam it) and your character will shoot a rocked, put 5 CP on the target, and then do DfA, achieving quite a nice damage burst in about 2 seconds.

Rogue MFA DFA Button

Macro code:

#showtooltip Marked for Death

/use Mecha-Blast Rocket
/castsequence reset=20 Marked for Death,Death from Above


Required class – Rogue
Required talents – Marked for Death, Death from Above
Required items – Mecha-Blast Rocket


Although the reset of the macro is set to 20 seconds, which is also CD timer of Death from Above, you won’t be able to use the macro, in case you have applied DfA on a target and it didn’t die.

The showtooltip line should be written as it is, to show you the cooldown of MfD. This way you’ll know when it’s up, and even if DfA is not up, you’ll know to use MfD and dump the CP with something else.

Also, the macro does not “choke” if the rocket is not up. In this case it will only use MfD and DfA.

Keep in mind though, that Mecha-Blast Rockets, along with other crafted devices, potions etc, can’t be used in arena.

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