Before I proceed with this post, I must specify that these two are macros for Assassination Rogue. Such macros can be used for Subtlety, however, you will have to introduce Slice and Dice within the CP Burner macro, and Hemorrhage and Backstab in the CP Builder macro.

These two macros are meant to use when fighting multiple targets, ideal in instances, or when AoE grinding. This is an AoE macro combo for Rogue.

The first macro, will build Combo Points mainly by using Fan of Knives, but also throwing in a Dispatch when it’s possible. It will also burn Vendetta when it’s up, for increased damage.

Rogue FoK CP Builder


Rogue FoK CP Builder - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['Muti2'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
[[/cast Fan of Knives]],
[[/cast Dispatch]],
[[/cast Vendetta]],


Required class – Rogue
Required spec – Assassination
Required addon – GnomeSequencer

The second macro is meant to be used whenever you need to burn the Combo Points you have. It will cast Death from Above on the first hit, and Crimson Tempest on the second and the third hit. This macro resets after 20 seconds, just in time for another Death From Above.

Rogue FoK CP Burner Macro


Macro code:

/castsequence restet=20 Death from Above,Crimson Tempest,Crimson Tempest


Required class – Rogue
Required spec – Assassination (works on Subtlety too)
Required talent – Death from Above


If you want, you can remove Vendetta from the first macro, and only use it when you want, not as soon as it’s up.

You can add a /cast Stealth command in the premacro, if you want your Rogue to stealth when when it’s out of combat. Also, you can create a postmacro with the /use 13  or /use 14 command, in case you have a trinket with a usable bonus. However, most trinkets nowadays have an “on Equip” proc on them, so you probably won’t need such a macro.

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