This is a single target macro for Mutilate Rogues. Although it’s not highly optimized, and it won’t help you put maximum DPS in raids, or achieve a super burst in PvP, it still is a fun macro to use while leveling, doing dungeons of in LFR.

The macro will help you keep up your Rupture on the target, as well as Recuperate on yourself. It will also use Stealth if you’re not stealthed, and cast Marked for Death and Vendetta when available. The macro won’t use your CP perfectly, but on the other hand, it’s pretty much difficult to create a macro for Rogues that does.

Rogue Mutilate Full Macro

Rogue Mutilate Full Macro - Notepad Code

Macro code:

Sequences['FullMuti'] = {
StepFunction = [[
limit = limit or 1
if step == limit then
limit = limit % #macros + 1
step = 1
step = step % #macros + 1
PreMacro = [[
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth
[[/castsequence [nochanneling]reset=combat Marked For Death,Ambush]],
[[/castsequence [nochanneling]reset=combat Rupture,Mutilate,Mutilate,Dispatch,Mutilate]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Vendetta]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Garrote]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Mutilate]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Envenom]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Recuperate]],
[[/cast [nochanneling] Mutilate]],
[[/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=60 Vanish,Garrote,Mutilate,Envenom]],



Required class – Rogue
Required spec – Assassination
Required talent – Marked for Death
Required addon – GnomeSequencer


You can finish the macro with a Post macro that will use your trinkets or potions, for better DPS. However, these CDs or consumables are better to be popped when they’re most needed.

Also, in the final sequence of the macro, you can replace the last Envenom with Preparation. But in this case, the macro will use it when you don’t really need it.

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