After reading the title of this post, I’m sure you’re probably wondering “Why would I need a Pickpocket macro, because you just put it in your bar and use it?!”. Well, simply because once you use Pickpocket on a mob, you need to click the items that it “has in its pockets”, in order to retrive them. This may take a bit of time, the mob may see you and attack you etc.

This macro simply performs Pickpocket and automatically collects all the items in a mobs pockets, at one push of a button.

Rogue Pickpocketing Macro

Macro code:

/script SetCVar("autoLootDefault","1")
/cast Pick Pocket
/in 5 /script SetCVar("autoLootDefault","0")


Required class – Rogue


There’s plenty of useful stuff that you can pickpocket nowadays. For example, if you have just started the zones of Draenor, it’s a good idea to Pickpocket every humanoid mob you encounter, because eventually you will get the Secretive Whistle. This item will allow you to Pickpocket a plenty of special stuff from mobs, and when used, it will summon a NPC who will buy them from you, for a specific currency. You can exchange that currency for gold at the same NPC.

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