This a great macro to use as Combat Rogue, to basically double up some of your CDs, for a high damage burst. As you can see, it’s a sequence that begins by popping up your Shadow Reflection, then, uses Marked for Death and Eviscerate, for a 5 CP finishing move, and finishes with Killing Spree.

The macro resets after two minutes (the CD of Shadow Reflection), when leaving combat or changing target. However, when leaving combat or changing targets, you won’t be able to cast it, unless Shadow Reflection is up.

Combat Shadow Reflection Macro

Macro code:

/castsequence reset=120/target/combat Shadow Reflection,Marked for Death,Eviscerate,Killing Spree


Required class – Rogue
Required spec – Combat
Required talents – Marked for Death, Shadow Reflection


The sequence leaves room for two more abilities in the end,as casting all these, takes only about 6 seconds. The Shadow Reflection will watch you for 8 seconds, then replicate what you have done for the next 8 second.  Therefore, you can add Sinister Strike twice in the sequence, after Killing Spree. Or, you can add Blind, or Smoke Bomb, which can help you achieve various tricks in PvP Combat. For example, if you’re going to use Blind in the end of the sequence, the Shadow Reflection will also finish its attack with Blind, and you will be able to reset combat, re-Stealth etc.

It’s best to open on your target with Garrote, Revealing Strike and pop a 3-4 CP Slice and Dice, and only then proceed with this macro. This way you will achieve a better CP management, and a better burst.

If you’re using this macro, or in general, Shadow Reflection in PvP, make sure you pop this macro only when you saw that the targeted player has popped their main defensive abilities.

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