Shaman Macros Archives

Shammy Quick Focus Heal Macro

This macro works in a similar way to the HOTs macro for Druids. It’s button that will allow you to quickly cast your instant heals on your tank (or on a target that you focus), quickly following with a Healing… read more

Enhancement Shaman Single Target Multi Macro

The following macro for Enhancement Shamans puts all the melee and instant abilities, meant to be used in the combat rotation, under a single button. This Shammy macro will start with Searing Totem, and will trigger Frost Shock, Flame Shock,… read more

Shaman Fire Totems Macro

This Shaman macro helps you manage your Fire Totems better, putting them all under the same button with a modifier. By hitting the macro normally you will summon your Magma Totem, by holding down ALT as you press the macro… read more

Shaman Hex Macro

This Shaman macro brings a slight modification to the Hex spell, allowing you to use this crowd control effect better. By pushing the macro normally, you will cast Hex on your target, but if you hold down ALT as you… read more

Shaman Stone Bulwark Macro

This Shaman Macro, although very simple, is very useful if you are using Stone Bulwark Totem. It works pretty simply, on the first hit of the macro, you will summon Stone Bulwark Totem, and on the second hit you will… read more