This Shaman Macro, although very simple, is very useful if you are using Stone Bulwark Totem. It works pretty simply, on the first hit of the macro, you will summon Stone Bulwark Totem, and on the second hit you will destroy it by casting Totemic Recall. However, you will remain with the shield granted by the Stone Bulwark Totem.

shaman stone bulwark macro

Macro code:

/castsequence Stone Bulwark Totem, Totemic Recall


Required class – Shaman

Required talent – Stone Bulwark Totem


This macro is best used if you also have the talent Totemic Restoration, because this way you can cut the cooldown of Stone Bulwark Totem by up to 50%. Totemic Restoration reduces the CD of the totems if they are destroyed before they expire.

This macro is very helpful in PvP.


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