Feral MTK Rotation Macro

Rotation macros for classes that use Combo Points are never 100% viable, because most of the times you have to improvise, using a specific ability depending on the CP you already have. Thus, a rotation macro will always be somewhat… read more

Druid Feral Nuke Macro

*Submitted by Aluhia and Jerfdor* This is a simple macro for Feral Druids that will cast your main DPS cooldowns, allowing you to push your DPS to the maximum limit, creating a damage burst when needed. Macro code: #showtooltip Berserk… read more

Druid Stealth Bar Swap Macro

Even though abilities that used to require Prowl, such as Pounce or Ravage, were removed for the Warlords of Draenor expansion, a stealth bar can still be useful, if you want to use different other macros, or abilities in a… read more