SP PVP Gnome Macro

Although extensive macros, especially the ones containing multiple sequences, can actually restrict your gameplay flexibility in arena, you can still use them if you like. Therefore, if you play a Shadow Priest, here’s a macro that focuses Mind Blast and… read more

Discipline Priest GS DPS Macro

The following single target macro for Discipline Priest simplifies your DPS rotation by a lot, reducing it to one button. It’s not a complete DPS macro, but it’s perfect for running dungeons, questing or leveling. This button will apply Shadow… read more

Shadow Priest Single Target DPS Macro

This is a 1-button macro for Shadow Priest damaging spells rotation, meant to simplify your whole gameplay by as much as possible. It will apply your DoTs on the target, and also cast Mind Flay, Mind Blast and Shadow Word:… read more