Feral MTK Rotation Macro

Rotation macros for classes that use Combo Points are never 100% viable, because most of the times you have to improvise, using a specific ability depending on the CP you already have. Thus, a rotation macro will always be somewhat… read more

Feral Druid Burst Opener

This macro for Feral Druids is intended for PvP use, as a high damage burst opener, great to quickly take down one of the opponents in arena, or in BGs. It starts with Rake stunning the target, then continues performing… read more

Druid Feral Nuke Macro

*Submitted by Aluhia and Jerfdor* This is a simple macro for Feral Druids that will cast your main DPS cooldowns, allowing you to push your DPS to the maximum limit, creating a damage burst when needed. Macro code: #showtooltip Berserk… read more