Warlock Macros Archives

Affliction Lock Gnome Rotation Macro

In general, it’s rather difficult to create a solid rotation macro for any class, a macro that will help you put a top DPS in raids, that also involves all your main spells. But if you play an Affliction Warlock,… read more

Succubus Seduction Focus Button

Crowd control is one of the cards that Warlocks must play well in arena, and PvP in general. But in order to maximize the power of your CC, and not waste even a second, it’s a good idea to use… read more
The Demo spec allows you to do several tricks when it comes to playing your pets. For example, when playing arena, by summoning and sending all your pets on a healer for example, you can create quite some harassment, preventing… read more

Quick DoTs Demo-Lock Macro

With the Demonology specialization, you basically have only one anytime damage over time effect, and that is Corruption. In Metamorphosis form, Corruption becomes Doom. Your target can have both Corruption and Doom on it at the same time. But to… read more

Destruction Warlock 1-Button DPS Macro

Chaos Bolt, Incinerate, Conflagrate, Immolate and Shadowburn are the main damaging spells of a Destruction Lock. This DPS macro puts them all in one button. However, as you can see, there are two modifiers. So, when you need to cast… read more

Warlock DoTs Macro

As its name suggests, the purpose of this macro is to group all your damage-over-time effects and put them under one button. It saves some main bar slots, and makes the application of the main DoT effects much easier, and… read more

Warlock Oneshot Destro Button

*Submitted by Malinic* This is a damage burst macro, that basically uses your PvP DPS trinket, casting Dark Soul: Instability, Undending Resolve and then Chaos Bolt. Your Dark Soul: Instability and trinket boost the damage of Chaos Bolt, while Undending… read more

Warlock Fear Macro

This is a very useful macro, especially for PvP, because it allows you to keep your Fear up on a target much better, keeping it out of combat more effectively. Once you have put your macro on your quick bar,… read more

Warlock Instant DoTs Macro

This macro is a button for applying 3 DoT effects on your target, instantly, via the Soulburn effect, with the consumption of a Soul Shard. It’s an easy, yet effective macro, especially if you need all your DoTs up quickly.… read more